Cisowe Wzgórze

Welcome to Cisowe Wzgórze, the Yew Hill Retreat, nestled amidst the serene beauty of green hills, meadows, forests, and lakes in the northern Suwałki region.

The origins of Yew Hill trace back to 1948 when the previous owners constructed several wooden buildings, creating a charming Suwałki-style homestead that harmonized with the surroundings. They enjoyed a peaceful existence among the verdant hills and forests, with the only interruptions being the clattering of storks and the rhythmic sound of horseshoes being forged in the nearby blacksmith’s shop. On Sunday afternoons, the farmer, who had a talent for music, entertained himself and numerous friends with his skillful violin playing, often accompanied by the abundance of homemade, high-quality moonshine. You can only imagine the lively atmosphere that filled this place… And as time passed…

At the turn of the century, the cottage found a new owner. Following a three-year renovation, a retreat was crafted with the aim of providing a delightful atmosphere for relaxation.

Although the houses and apartments at Yew Hill are equipped with modern amenities, and only the remnants of the blacksmith’s shop can be seen in stone outlines, one can still catch echoes of violins and the distant neighing of horses carried by the autumn breeze. If you find it hard to believe… Come and witness it firsthand.

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