Rezerwacja domu lub apartamentu

The Yew Hill Reservation: Over 20 years ago, we created the intimate retreat of Cisowe Wzgórze, the Yew Hill, in the vicinity of Suwałki Landscape Park, nestled among green hills, meadows, forests, and lakes.

The Yew Hill is located at an altitude of approximately 190 meters above sea level, near the forest. We do not have direct neighbors, ensuring a guarantee of peace and tranquility. The nearest shop, post office, and church are approximately 3.5 km away. The area boasts beautiful lakes and forests, idyllic views of horses grazing all summer and storks soaring in the sky. It’s worth mentioning that these areas are known as Poland’s green lungs. The region is famous for cheese production, traditional bread baking, and cuisine influenced by Lithuanian traditions.

The Yew Hill offers 18 places to stay in three adjacent buildings with original decor. The interiors of the houses and apartments combine modern comfort with a warm and cozy atmosphere, stylishly furnished. You can choose between two houses and two apartments at the Yew Hill. They are fully equipped and self-contained, without the hustle and bustle of a reception or restaurant. Suwałki region is an ideal place for active leisure. By reserving a stay at the Yew Hill, you have numerous possibilities at your fingertips.